Saturday, April 12, 2014

Passion of Christ DAY 1 - Why I started this Diary

It is Holy Week Season AGAIN.
For many, this is the time where people visit churches, pray , and confess.
For others, this the time for fasting, prayer , and renewal of faith.
For some, this is the time to visit Boracay and enjoy the beach.
But every year, for me, this is the time where I should watch the Passion of Christ.
For me, it is a very important movie.
I know that somehow, it far away from what really happened before.
But as a Christian, I really appreciate that Mel Gibson produced this movie.

Whenever I watched this movie. My heart breaks.
Who will not seeing my God being punished from all my sins?
The result? I will immediately transformed into caring, lovable, and forgiving me.
But 24 hours later, I will fall for sin again, again, and again.

So a "what if" idea came as I watched this movie 10th time.
What will happen if I watched this movie everyday for 365 days?
Well that's an idea. But afterwards, I begin bargaining: what if i'll just watched it for 30 days.

Knowing me, I have this habit of giving it a good start but failure to carry on. (Guilty gal!)

But I know, come what may. This blog will be a test of faith, and I am excited of what I will become after.

God Loves YOU,

Ann  :)

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