Sunday, April 13, 2014

Passion of Christ Day 2 - Are you tempted? PRAY HARD.

This was the 2nd day where I watched the film again.
I didn't finish it because I have a church service as a choir.
But then, I am happy that I still kick my butt and watch even if I don't feel like doing this today.

I have no idea what to write, except that today I am also carrying a burden, not mine but from a friend.

Out of the blue, I texted her if she can join me for a walk yesterday.
I didn't know that my best friend had a great burden inside her.

It is too personal that I choose not to share it here.
But the point is, I think her problems is far too heavy for her.
What happened is unimaginable that even me got shocked.

Knowing myself, I know that I am a selfish person.
I care only about ME. I care only about MY problems, MY fear, and MY dreams.

But yesterday, I feel myself differently.
I feel that I do care for her genuinely.

I feel that this heart is not my heart. I feel that God created a fast heart transplant in me.

I tamed my tongue not to tel her secret to anyone.
I respected her. And I really feel her pain.

I was happy to listen and tried not to open my mouth to boast about me.

My friend needs someone who will listen to her and I was so happy that she trusted me.

After what happened, I know that somehow, her heart was lifted up.

I know that it is lighter for her now.

When I got home, I feel that my tongue itches to share it with my mom and my boyfriend.

But I remembered how Satan tempt Jesus to give up when Our Lord was praying in the garden of Gethsemane. During time of great temptations, Jesus prayed and so do I.

I prayed that the Holy Spirit tied my tongue so as not to tell a secret entrusted to me. So that my tongue will only tell words of encouragement, gratitude and love.

The second day I watched The Passion of Christ made me remember to always pray when you are tempted.

It's powerful!

And hey, I noticed that my skin is glowing today. Really!

God loves YOU,

Ann :)

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